Poetry Reads: Witchcraft for Attracting a Man by Xpetra Ernandes

Incantations is a collection of illustrations, ‘spells’ and poems, all created by 150 Mayan women. Ambar Past collected these drawings and poems, even as she resided with them in 1970’s Mexico. She has vivid memories of an epidemic bringing death to the village. “They live with no comfort,” As Ms. Past has said in an interview to The New York Times. “Yet poetry is an essential part of their daily life.” Here is one poem from this acclaimed collection: 

Witchcraft for attracting a man
by Xpetra ErnĂ¡ndes

I want him to come with flowers in his heart.
With all his heart,
I want him to talk to my body.
I want his blood to ache for me
when he sees me on the way to the market.


(Article by Snehith Kumbla) 

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