Poetry Reads: Perfume by Arthur Symons

The arrival of a new bookshelf at my den has led to arrangement, alignment and reappearance of what was previously scattered and stacked away to temporary oblivion. For there was a time when I used to scrawl out in notebooks any kind of gripping literature that I chanced upon. The poem featured below is a reproduction from one such notebook.

Teenage years; a time of titillation; carnal desires were at their wild, uncontrolled zenith. Browsing the Internet was an expensive affair then, limited to rare visits to cyber
cafes. Books, magazines and newspapers were thus my source fountain. This poem is a remnant of those bubble dream days, wasted as they were, wound in the most natural of yearnings.
by Arthur Symons

Shake out your hair about me, so,
That I may feel the stir and scent
Of those vague odours come and go
The way our kisses went.

Night gave this priceless hour of love,
But now the dawn steals in apace,
And amorously bends above
The wonder of your face.

‘Farewell’ between our kisses creeps,
You fade, a ghost, upon the air;
Yet ah! the vacant place still keeps
The odour of your hair.

(Article by Snehith Kumbla)

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