Short Story Reads: Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger by Saki

Saki was the pen name under which British writer Hector Hugh Munro wrote before his life was tragically cut short at 45 in France, along with millions of others during World War I. By then Saki had left behind hundreds of short stories – all noted for their ready wit, black humor and macabre.

Especially readable are his stories involving Clovis.

Now in these stories, Clovis need not play the central character, many times he would be the one passing a sole comment on having overheard the proceedings. Of a similar template is the satire and irony of Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.

Now, it is a writer’s dilemma to decide whether to give you the full synopsis and thus depriving you of the joy of reading the story for yourself.

Here’s how the solution has been reached, as the story is now out of the clutches of copyright, here is the story link: Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.

Happy reading.

(Article by Snehith Kumbla)   

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