Poetry Reads: Lust Poems by Snehith Kumbla

Over the years, as life has unfolded, a string of poems on the sexual experience got themselves written, like honey trickling in to a honeycomb. A selection of these poems have made it to ‘Lust Poems’ – published a day after my first poetry collection – Fragrance and other poems was released. 

Indians and sex: Status quo  

Little, no, nothing…nothing is taught or talked about in India – Be it of sexuality, sex, lust, sexual attraction, puberty and the overwhelming changes it brings. No school or college endorses sex education. I do not know of any Indian parent of having talked about ‘the birds and the bees’ to their kids.

Yet, we are in the age of freely available porn, soft porn, lewd apps and channels promoting vulgar content. None of it holds a realistic mirror to the nature of sex and its complexities – Far from it. In fact, the content promotes misleading and fantasy-laden elements that can divert immature minds.

The only thing that is prominently mentioned is contraception and thanks to condom companies, at least the messaging is well-intended and celebratory. The stigma of asking for a condom at a chemist is largely gone – in India’s metro cities at least.    

The Kama Sutra, an often misunderstood work on sexuality, erotic desire and emotional happiness in life, was collected in its present form in the second century. 

From then to now, from sexual awareness, discussions on a pleasurable life, to blackening faces and humiliating couples on Valentine’s Day, the collective Indian sexual consciousness has touched new lows. 

That said, there is much radiance and hope in how Generation Z aka Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2009) perceives sex and sexual relations. But that is for another blog post. We deviate here, back to the book. 

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In this age of repression and general inhibition, I present to you ‘Lust Poems,’ a dozen poems in celebration of bodily pleasures, an ode to breasts, nod to quickies, the sparks of winter lovemaking, of intense first attraction and much more.  

Lust Poems is available on Amazon Kindle and on paperback across the globe on the Amazon website and Amazon Kindle, except in India. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently, in the world’s most populated country, sex is too taboo to be featured on a top ecommerce website.  

Lust Poems by Snehith Kumbla

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(Article by Snehith Kumbla)

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