Poetry Reads: Paper Boat Echoes by Snehith Kumbla

I first posted my poem, paper boat echoes on hellopoetry.com in June 2016. Since then, the poem has garnered over 7500 views. The readership count for this particular poem has had a steady curve and it is certainly a happy realization for a poet to know that his work is consistently read. The poem is also … Read more

Poetry Reads: On A Mythical Mumbai Weekend by Snehith Kumbla

On A Mythical Mumbai Weekend by Snehith Kumbla  On a mythical Mumbai weekend,  of no serene start or dubious end,  with imaginary beauties, invisible friends, I stepped out of a puffing train,  my long unkempt hair a lion’s mane,  getting used to my twitching tail, Posing on the Gateway of India,  the extraordinary explorer pose,  … Read more