Poetry Reads: Celia Celia by Adrian Mitchell

It was on a visit to the city British Library that I came upon on a wonderful anthology called Poems on the Underground. That was when I chanced upon a particular Adrian Mitchell poem, among many other beautiful, varied reads. Poems on the Underground is pretty much a poetry-lover’s collector’s item.  The London Metro train … Read more

Poetry Reads: Body, Remember…. by C.P. Cavafy

Ahoy, Wolf here and in this scorching Indian summer I allow myself to go astray in search of sensuous verse. The work presented here is translated from the Greek poetry of Constantine P. Cavafy (1863 – 1933). A celebration of the body ensues, for the poet speaks to this temple of flesh, bone and soul … Read more

Poetry Reads: Leisure by WH Davies

This is a poem I love quoting to the busy bodies of the world, especially the first two lines, and on its utterance, the effect is usually of silent agreement or a sigh of resignation. I am yet to witness an iota of protest on its rendering, understandably so, for the lines of WH Davies … Read more

Poetry Reads: The Arrow and the Song by HW Longfellow

It was at school that I had my first nervous, stumbling brush with this ageless Longfellow poem. I was in third grade then and the teacher had, much to my displeasure, singled me out for reading aloud. The timid, unsure boy that I was, it was not long before the good-hearted teacher remarked in the … Read more

Poetry Reads: Witchcraft for Attracting a Man by Xpetra Ernandes

Incantations is a collection of illustrations, ‘spells’ and poems, all created by 150 Mayan women. Ambar Past collected these drawings and poems, even as she resided with them in 1970’s Mexico. She has vivid memories of an epidemic bringing death to the village. “They live with no comfort,” As Ms. Past has said in an … Read more

Poetry Reads: On Haiku: Poetry with Scissors

The first time my haiku was published and I happened to share my work with my friends, many among them were baffled and asked me, “Where is the rest of it? Is that all?”  That is where the sheer simplicity of haiku lies. It’s gaudy attire is conciseness, words make up the decor. You have … Read more