Comic Book Reads: The Phantom by Lee Falk

The Phantom: Fighting crime since 1936 Before Superman and Batman, arrived the Phantom… Did the creators of Superman and Batman borrow from Phantom’s heroic features?  May be they did, by the likes of it.     Zero superpowers, full of grit, clearly wealthy, outlandish costumes, moral code, just like Batman.  The ghost who walks… Man who … Read more

Comic Book Reads: Batman – The World of the Dark Knight

Batman – The World of the Dark Knight is a 200-page odd hardcover encyclopedic compilation of all the things you wanted to know about Gotham’s caped crusader. Published in 2012, the mesh of well-designed content, collected artwork and boggling details is a sweet addiction for the trivia-gobbling Batman fanatic. Hold your breath while I take … Read more

Comic Book Reads: Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins

Comic books are not meant for children alone. Ask the creators of Watchmen: Writer Alan Moore, illustrator Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins. There is violence, sex, numerous brutal deaths and superheroes who come off worse than humans. The cruelty of war and supplementary text adds more steel to this graphic novel/comic book. First released … Read more

Comic Book Reads: My Comic History

Garfield by Jim Davis This is my first post on comics and by default I feel duty bound to narrate my history with comic books. The risk, dear reader, of you falling asleep or diverting your limited attention span to narcissistic social networking activities is always there. But this can’t be done without. Here goes. … Read more