Conversations: Kala Ramesh & the Joys of Haiku

This writer first met Kala Ramesh by happy incidence at the Haiku Writing Workshop held in November 2010. Here is a little profile sketch that Kala has shared with us, which we reproduce here: Kala has had extensive training in Hindustani classical music, under Smt Shubadha Chirmulay, Pune, for over fifteen years, especially in Pandit … Read more

Poetry Reads: On Haiku: Poetry with Scissors

The first time my haiku was published and I happened to share my work with my friends, many among them were baffled and asked me, “Where is the rest of it? Is that all?”  That is where the sheer simplicity of haiku lies. It’s gaudy attire is conciseness, words make up the decor. You have … Read more