Fiction Reads: Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

In the summer of 1947, a gruesome, violent bloodbath ensues during the turbulent India-Pakistan partition, killing millions in its wake.  Menwhile at the border village of Mano Majra, life goes on as usual.  The residents time their daily routine of chores, meals, work, prayers and sleep to the sound of trains arriving-departing at the railway … Read more

Short Story Reads: The Mark of Vishnu: Stories by Khushwant Singh

This compact Penguin Evergreens edition (first published in 2011) contains ten of Khushwant Singh’s short stories. Singh’s writing style is akin to an entertaining newspaper article, adorned with a layman’s vocabulary and easy to comprehend.  Cheekiness and biting satire stand out in this collection. The straight-faced effect of the words is the author mocking at … Read more