Poetry Reads: Lust Poems by Snehith Kumbla

Over the years, as life has unfolded, a string of poems on the sexual experience got themselves written, like honey trickling in to a honeycomb. A selection of these poems have made it to ‘Lust Poems’ – published a day after my first poetry collection – Fragrance and other poems was released.  Indians and sex: … Read more

Poetry Reads: The Gitanjali Album by Gitanjali Ghei

Gitanjali Ghei (1961-1977) The Gitanjali Album has been an aching, heartbreaking read. How does a child confront the stark truth that she is dying of cancer? I can’t begin to imagine.  Discovering Gitanjali I first heard of Gitanjali Ghei at the fag end of the last century from my ninth-grade teacher.  A curly-haired bespectacled woman … Read more

Poetry Reads: Daffodils by William Wordsworth

Most of us went through school without wondering why in the world we had poems like Daffodils revisiting the English language textbooks every two years.  Well, at least I did…not…wonder.  Nobody seemed to have heard of the flower or seen it in those sans Internet days. We were probably too bored to ask among other … Read more

Conversations: Quiet Happiness by Natasha Nair

Natasha Nair is an Abu Dhabi-based landscape architect, and Quiet Happiness is her first collection of poetry. The interviewer received a copy of the book through his friend Shardul Akolkar, a Pune based music composer. Most of the poems look inwardly, the poetess is usually having conversations with herself. Rhyme is faithfully put to use; … Read more