Poetry Reads: Lust Poems by Snehith Kumbla

Over the years, as life has unfolded, a string of poems on the sexual experience got themselves written, like honey trickling in to a honeycomb. A selection of these poems have made it to ‘Lust Poems’ – published a day after my first poetry collection – Fragrance and other poems was released.  Indians and sex: … Read more

Poetry Reads: Poems on the Underground

Underground Railway Trial Trip, 1863  The London Underground aka the Tube, as they call the metro or the subway, is the world’s first underground railway. That said, when the Metropolitan line was started in 1863, it wasn’t exactly running underground. A trench was dug a few feet below the ground, tracks laid, roofs laid, and voila! … Read more

Poetry Reads: I saw a Peacock with a fiery tail by Anonymous

Mystified. At first read, this 12-line, 400-odd years old poem had my adolescent mind perplexed.  Bermuda traingles and UFO sightings seemed less mysterious to the unending fog I saw a Peacock with a fiery tail was wrapped in.  This blog post is thus, to emphatically declare, that discovering the simple, fun deception of I saw a Peacock … Read more

Poetry Reads: Fragrance and other poems by Snehith Kumbla

The second edition front cover This is convey, with much joy, that I have published a selection of my poems on Amazon Kindle and paperback. The Kindle edition is available across the world on the Amazon website and the Kindle app. The paperback edition is not yet available in India, at the time of writing. … Read more

Poetry Reads: The Gitanjali Album by Gitanjali Ghei

Gitanjali Ghei (1961-1977) The Gitanjali Album has been an aching, heartbreaking read. How does a child confront the stark truth that she is dying of cancer? I can’t begin to imagine.  Discovering Gitanjali I first heard of Gitanjali Ghei at the fag end of the last century from my ninth-grade teacher.  A curly-haired bespectacled woman … Read more

Poetry Reads: Bhang Diary by Snehith Kumbla

Bhang Diary  by Snehith Kumbla when I laugh, the whole body, one big mouth of laughter when I sing, words emit like a seismograph If I squat, drowsy, all my teeth are melting down a whirlpool walk, look back and wonder, whose vanishing footsteps are they, meanwhile, my as-lost-as-me friends, frantic for shade in the … Read more

Poetry Reads: When I Dance by James Berry

The second-hand book market in Pune has its share of hidden treasures. All one needs to do is linger in such surroundings, engage in some scouring, back-bending, explore untouched stacks and dusty corners, and who knows what you may come across? It was on one such lingering expedition that I happened to grab a copy … Read more

Poetry Reads: Celia Celia by Adrian Mitchell

It was on a visit to the city British Library that I came upon on a wonderful anthology called Poems on the Underground. That was when I chanced upon a particular Adrian Mitchell poem, among many other beautiful, varied reads. Poems on the Underground is pretty much a poetry-lover’s collector’s item.  The London Metro train … Read more

Poetry Reads: First Fig by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The oft-quoted lines of this particular poem first appeared in the 1920 poetry collection A Few Figs from Thistles. So much is said in these lines – that to truly live is to burn and dazzle each day with one’s free will and wish.  The poet doesn’t need to write an autobiography to get the … Read more

Poetry Reads: Perfume by Arthur Symons

The arrival of a new bookshelf at my den has led to arrangement, alignment and reappearance of what was previously scattered and stacked away to temporary oblivion. For there was a time when I used to scrawl out in notebooks any kind of gripping literature that I chanced upon. The poem featured below is a … Read more