Short Story Reads: The Visitor by Roald Dahl

How exciting would it be to receive an wooden crate from nowhere at your doorstep?  What would it contain? Who is it from, you would wonder, your hands tingling to rip open its contents.   The Visitor begins with the arrival of one such mysterious crate at the narrator’s doorstep.  Much to his astonishment, the crate is … Read more

Non-Fiction Reads: Boy by Roald Dahl

As the 1916-born Dahl declares in the introduction of the 1984 published Boy – The book is not an autobiography. Instead, it is a merry-go-round rewind of events that the writer vividly recalled and simultaneously wrote down. The flow is thus effortlessly conversational, that despite the episodic pieces, nothing seems untold, unfinished. Dahl tells of … Read more