Conversations: Quiet Happiness by Natasha Nair

Natasha Nair is an Abu Dhabi-based landscape architect, and Quiet Happiness is her first collection of poetry. The interviewer received a copy of the book through his friend Shardul Akolkar, a Pune based music composer. Most of the poems look inwardly, the poetess is usually having conversations with herself. Rhyme is faithfully put to use; … Read more

Conversations: Kala Ramesh & the Joys of Haiku

This writer first met Kala Ramesh by happy incidence at the Haiku Writing Workshop held in November 2010. Here is a little profile sketch that Kala has shared with us, which we reproduce here: Kala has had extensive training in Hindustani classical music, under Smt Shubadha Chirmulay, Pune, for over fifteen years, especially in Pandit … Read more